3 Reasons Why You Must Give Up Smoking Marijuana

Even though there are still strong movements concerning the legalization of marijuana or wed, the number of people who smoke marijuana is still big. Many people who smoke marijuana believe that smoking marijuana keeps themselves healthy both body and mind. However, if you have never tried smoking marijuana before, I would suggest you not even to try it. Additionally, if you have been smoking weeds, you need to stop smoking marijuana because there are some advantages that you will surely get if you stop doing that.

When you stop smoking marijuana, you have a better self

There are so many reasons why people start smoking marijuana, and one of them is that because they want to be more confident about themselves. For example, when they are having some mental breakdown over an assignment or a personal matter, they usually roll the joint and smoke the weeds to calm their mind down because one of the effect of smoking marijuana is that you will not feel any emotional burden. However, by doing this, they will lose all of the emotional feeling that they actually need. At the end, they will not be a better person, but they become worse. Thus, before you become someone that you do not want to be, you need to stop smoking marijuana!

Being a better self also means that you are able to control your money. It is not a secret that buying marijuana is not cheap. You will need to pay some more dollars if you want to get the best quality, in fact. If you keep smoking marijuana, you will lose your money, but you do not even realize it because the effect of marijuana that I have mentioned before. Remember! The money that you can buy to buy weed can actually be used for something better such as paying your education. So, stop smoking marijuana!

If you stop smoking marijuana, you will gain personal safety

Even though in some states or some countries weeds are already legalized, in most of the states of the United States, they are still illegal. This means that you are actually breaking the law when smoking weed. You will get criminal record when you enjoy smoking weed. Therefore, if you do not want to deal with the hands of law, you need to stop smoking marijuana.

Now, those are the three main reasons why you need to stop smoking marijuana right away! Be a better person, be a richer person, and be a safe person now!

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