3 Known Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Helping others to get out from the addition of marijuana is a good deed. Thus, when you have some friends who come to you and tell you that they have been struggling with this addition, you should not isolate them and see them as a bad side of the society. Instead, you need to grab them by the soul and help them. However, what happen they are too embarrassed about it and do not even tell you about their problem. Well, what you can do is to look for some symptoms of marijuana addiction in them before you make a move about it.

Withdrawal, lack of focus, and unable to control spending are the symptoms of marijuana addiction

The very first symptom of the most common symptoms of marijuana addiction is the withdrawal. We know that in several states in this country, marijuana is still considered as taboo because it is still forbidden by the law. Thus, whenever somebody smokes marijuana in the place where it breaks the law, he or she will withdraw from the society so that the member of the society will not judge him or her. People like this will always try to find a place to sit alone and enjoy their personal time with their beloved marijuana.

In addition to that, the symptoms of marijuana addiction also show the lack of focus on the people who consume it. The first effect that our body receives upon smoking marijuana is what users usually call as a “peace of mind”. However, their mind is so peaceful that they are not aware of their surroundings, making them not focus to what happen surround them. This will be very dangerous when they are driving or even walking when high.

Last but not least, many people who show the previous symptoms of marijuana addiction also develop the third symptom that does not affect their body but affects their financial system. They will regularly spend more money on weed and do not care about any other necessities.

What can you do when spotting symptoms of marijuana addiction in your friends?

If you see that your friends show the symptoms of marijuana addiction, what you need to do is to talk with them with the best tone that you have. Remember that they are not yours to judge! You need to convince them that they need help. You also need to show them that you are there to help them.

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